Volunteer Award

In 2014, the Purdue HTM Society and Black Tie Dinner became one of the few student organizations to establish an endowment supported by our evening's auctions and donations. Committed to supporting our student volunteers, this endowment fund sponsors three annual student volunteer awards. Volunteers that portray exceptional work ethic, attitude, leadership, and commitment to hospitality are nominated, and finalists are selected by an independent panel consisting of the Black Tie Dinner Board together with HTM faculty and staff. To date, $8,000 has been awarded to twelve outstanding student volunteers. Though the endowment was slated to be funded in ten years, it took just three short years to have it fully funded thanks to your generosity and support.

2019 Recipients

Best Overall Volunteer - Amy Bitzer

Best Culinary Volunteer - Alex Crick

Best Service Volunteer - Claire Seifert

Best Wine Volunteer - Ziyang Long

2018 Recipients

Best Overall Volunteer - Karis Fanning

Best Culinary Volunteer - Camila Franco

Best Service Volunteer - Blaire Martin

2017 Recipients

Best Overall Volunteer - Calvin Barnett
Best Culinary Volunteer - Mackenzie Holm
Best Service Volunteer - Rachel Tran

2016 Recipients

Best Overall Volunteer - Rachel Swain
Best Culinary Volunteer - Lindy Schubring
Best Service Volunteer - Maggie DeVoe

2015 Recipients

Best Overall Volunteer - Eric Newton
Best Culinary Volunteer - Damon Smith
Best Service Volunteer - Erin Lohrman

2014 Recipients

Best Overall Volunteer -  Sarah Eldert
Best Wine Volunteer - Nate Denton
Best Service Volunteer - Kyle Boland