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From its humble beginnings in 1999, the beauty, elegance, and grandeur of the Black Tie Dinner continue to grow with each year. It is hard to believe that only seventeen years ago, the first Black Tie Dinner was served in the John Purdue Room and hosted a mere thirty guests. Now, as Purdue’s Hospitality and Tourism Management program has grown, developed, and prospered, so too has the experience of the Black Tie Dinner. Today the event is held in the stunning North and South Ballrooms of the historic Purdue Memorial Union and is host to nearly two hundred guests. The Black Tie Dinner, a unique event, is planned, and executed in its entirety by student volunteers of all grade levels in Purdue’s esteemed Hospitality and Tourism Management program. Every student involved strives to create a memorable experience that exemplifies the passion, creativity, and talent of the Hospitality Industry’s future leaders.

Health and Human Sciences, Department Promotion Video

Promotional 2013-14 Video

2013's 15th Annual Black Tie Dinner Photo Montage

2012's 14th Annual Black Tie Dinner Photo Montage

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